Who Is The Nuclear Liability Bill For?

Prithviraj Chauhan has denied that there is US pressure to pass the Nuclear Liability Bill, while at the same time admitting that 'only US companies' will be affected. Now ET claims that the US ambassador is doing a sales job for the Bill among opposition leaders. So who really wants this Bill?


Lost Trust

Must be a tough thing to admit:

In the past decade, nearly every pillar institution in American society — whether it's General Motors, Congress, Wall Street, Major League Baseball, the Catholic Church or the mainstream media — has revealed itself to be corrupt, incompetent or both. And at the root of these failures are the people who run these institutions, the bright and industrious minds who occupy the commanding heights of our meritocratic order. In exchange for their power, status and remuneration, they are supposed to make sure everything operates smoothly. But after a cascade of scandals and catastrophes, that implicit social contract lies in ruins, replaced by mass skepticism, contempt and disillusionment.

FDI - Takes Away More Than It Gives?

Businessline looks deeper into FDI and comes up with some interesting conclusions.