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From here:
now have to explain to my wife why I have had tears running down my cheeks all afternoon.

Try explaining it to coworkers. I have to keep dashing to the washroom to dab and check for blotchiness.

Wife: So, you’re real upset over this person you never actually met?

Me: Yeah.

W: Huh?

Me: Well, I still felt like I knew him. He was decent, and honest, and funny, and sometimes a real pain in the ass. You know, a real person?

W: But this was online? You never met him even once?

Me: Nope. Read him a while, argued with him a bit. Never met him…

W: Huh?

Me: Yeah…

W: So you have this whole other life online I know nothing about?

Me: Well, it’s not like a dating service or anything. It was a blog.

W: What?

Me: Later honey…

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