India: America's Strategic Partner?

Speaking at a press conference here Rajan Bharti Mittal, President of the FICCI, said, “It is a little unfortunate that when we have the first Indo-U.S. strategic dialogue on the one side, and then you have, with your own strategic partner you defined, dual technology denials, or entities which are on a list or watched.”

Mr. Mittal added that while the U.S. was, on the one hand, discussing collaboration on space with India, on the other it was preventing the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) from using U.S. space technology by keeping it on the Entities List.

Also, he said, “While you talk about the most [joint] defence exercises being done between India and the U.S. … you [however] have the Defence Research and Development Organisation… on their banned list.”

Thus there was a need to look at the Indo-U.S. strategic relationship, “in a very different way,” he said.

The Americans I'm sure already look at the relationship in a different way. India, rather than being a partner, is just a market for their industry to sell defence equipment, nuclear power equipment, and so on.

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