"Rights groups fronting for Maoists, says IB"

Rights groups fronting for Maoists, says IB
Indian intelligence agencies have suggested that the Union government take steps to limit activities of leading human rights organisations.
In their advice to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), the agencies have alleged that some rights organisations are “actively helping spread the Maoist ideology.”
The activities of rights groups raising issues of illegal detentions, custodial tortures and death, and fake encounters have extended their reach to those areas which help spread Maoists ideology, intelligence agencies preparing a fresh dossier on the issue said.
Can't they see it?  A lot of people who are against "illegal detentions, custodial tortures and death, and fake encounters" may be in "those areas" to stop those things from happening there.

And this is interesting too:
The IB has prepared a database of individuals and organisations. The database has been submitted to the Home Ministry.
The IB data base has some known names, which, according to the intelligence agency, not only helped “the ideological spread to spread but also functioning as the points persons for Maoists”. This allegation is similar to that been made against noted rights activist Binayak Sen in Chhattisgarh.
Big brother watches.

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