More Equal Than The Rest Of Us

3000 deaths. Why would two resignations even seen to be enough as punishment for them? Why are politicians treated so differently compared to ordinary citizens?

True, the PM has promised to re-open cases against those named. But nothing will come out of the re-opened cases, will it? Which brings us to another related question. What is it about riots that no one is ever held responsible? These are instances of us killing our own people. Instigated and/or helped by elected representatives and public officials. Reasonless killing of helpless, unarmed, terrified people. What kind of people are they who do it? Why should they not be punished in a manner befitting the crime?

And it appears that the whole truth is still not known. Why not try what Kuldip Nayar suggests here? The truth would be at least cathartic. But I guess we are still far away from that stage which would allow such things to happen.

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