Two Factoids For New Couples/Parents

Two things soon-to-be and new parents learn - usually too late.

1. One of the first things the lady doctor prescribes for a soon-to-be mom, along with anti-morning sickness medicine, is folic acid. This is something which is supposed to prevent nueral-tube disorders in the baby. Only thing is, as the above site points out, it is too late to be taking it at this stage. Sufficient amounts of it needs to be present in the gravida beforehand.

2. The second thing parents learn is to time the whole thing correctly. Timing counts. This they discover when they go around to montessories seeking admission for their kid. They find that certain schools - which somehow happen to be the ones they want to put their kid into - have a rule about the age of the kid at the beginning of the term. Say the montessory term begins in June of every year. The rule is that every kid who wants admission should be between 2.5 and 3 years as of 1 June. Some schools narrow it down even further - the kid should be between 2.8 and 3 years.

So I'm thinking of a new kind of marriage gift. A plaque engraved with these words
1. Folic Acid : Do You Have It In You?
2. A Kid Born Between June And December, Is The Kid Who Goes To School
I might even turn it into a nice little haiku one of these days.

Update: The haiku happened earlier than I expected:
Folic Acid: d'you have it in you?
And y'know your kid must be born 'tween Jun & Dec
To even get into the admission queue.
Ok, I promised a nice haiku. But is it an haiku at all? Is everything with three lines strung together a haiku? Because it somehow doesn't seem right. Still, it was a sincere attempt.

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