Fixing Is Back

Two officers of the ICC's anti-corruption unit in Dubai visit India leading to new speculations about a match-fixing probe. A fair lady is involved too.
According to DCP Kamalakar, diaries seized from Tarannum have revealed names of several bookies, including one named as “DJ” in the betting circle, as well as cricketers.

Names of two Sri Lankan cricketers – one batsman and another a leg spinner – have been mentioned as being her contacts in betting racket.

Sources in the police department claimed that the ICC sleuths had tapped phone calls of some international cricketers, which led them to a particular number in Mumbai. That number reportedly belonged to Tarannum, who has now confessed of indulging in betting heavily on cricket matches.

During long hours of interrogation first on Saturday and then on Monday, she admitted her involvement with the betting racket.

She admitted of having betted heavily on the England-Australia Ashes game and also nearly Rs 1.75 crore in the India-Sri Lanka final.
Why is 'DJ' known to cricketers? Why were the international criceters calling the lady? Why did she wager such a huge sum - Rs 1.75 crores? She must have had some extra info surely?

Mohinder Amarnath cast his net too narrow when he called the the Indian selectors a "bunch of jokers".

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