In A Spot - 180905

The latest in the series. Two quotes (emphasis added):
... the stranglehold on the economy of the bureaucracy remains intact. Why does this situation exist when we have a Prime Minister who began his term by admitting that administrative reform was at the top of his agenda?
So the prime minister thinks administrative reform is important. But wait, look at this:
If India is to ever become an economic superpower the bureaucracy has to be curbed and it can only be curbed through serious administrative reforms. Neither Sonia Gandhi nor the Prime Minister have shown any sign that they understand this.
Admitting that administrative reforms are at the top of his agenda is not a sign. Nope. He would have to make a personal gesture to Ms Singh - a slow wink during a speech or a slight nod of the head or something.

Could it be that Ms Singh has not the least idea what actually needs to be done hence falls back on blaming her favourite punching bags? For, of course, there is little doubt that the bureaucracy needs to be curbed/reformed/rightsized. How to do it is the crux of the problem isn't it? Because it involves people - us. And we are not too happy to be curbed/reformed/rightsized are we?

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