Editors With Coloured Glasses

kmp writes in re Dayal, Pathak, ED:
The “mail-me-comments” is missing in your recent posts. Have the comments subsided?

Anyway, with reference to the above topic – the editor of “The Pioneer” is Chandan Mitra. He is an MP nominated by BJP. Chandan, Swapandas Gupta of India Today (maybe erstwhile I guess) are all BJP folks. Obviously they don’t see eye-to-eye with the Government (I mean the current one) irrespective of the policies.
That explains it.

And no the comments have not subsided - because they weren't too many to start with :-) I have removed the 'Mail me' link from my posts because I have reason to believe evil robots are roaming the web looking for mail-ids to which spam can be sent. And they don't understand that there are only so many 'Sexually-explicit' sites that one can visit given that a day has only 24 hours. And that I don't want any software products.

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