Means Are Important. Too

Not just the ends. From HT:
...should the BJP have brought someone like Uma Bharti into active politics in the first place? Most political observers would have strong reservations on this but then, the BJP used every conceivable method to come to power, whether using sadhvis and religious leaders or bringing in film stars. Having lost power, some of these leaders have become liabilities and the party does not know how to deal with them. If the BJP finds itself unable to stop the creation of political frankensteins, it will realise in due course that the people may find a way of dealing with it in future.
Relatedly, a BJP spokesperson (Javdekar I think) asked rhetorically with regard to Uma Bharti: "The party was good till last week, but then suddenly she says the party became bad. How is that possible?". Maybe it did not occur to him that she could put the same question to the party: "I was a good party leader till last week, suddenly they say I'm bad. Please explain it to me."

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