In A Spot - 230106

The series goes on. The latest On the Spot by Ms Tavleen Singh is here, in which she shows evidence of sparing no effort to keep up with the times. I won't talk about the Bofors issue itself - who knows whether we will every know what happened alongwith proof of it. I will restrict myself to her column.

Knowing that the readers are immune to any scams involving any amount less than a few thousand crores, she turns up the magnitude of Bofors affair - by a cool thousand times. While others are content with sticking to the Rs 64 crore amount, she reaches greater heights of journalistic standards by rounding it off to a nice-looking Rs 64,000 crores.

And she also comes up with a nice theory about why the NDA government was unable to bring anyone to book for 5 long years:
There is a theory about this doing the rounds in Delhi as well and the theory is that there was an understanding between Sonia and Vajpayee that the skeletons in their respective family cupboards would remain untouched. If the law minister had not rattled the cupboard the Bofors skeleton would not have fallen out.
Well, I too believe that political parties are quite reluctant to hurt each other in scams like these. Who knows, they may be out of power and facing the music next time round - though that consideration has not kept Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha out of each other's hair. But to just restrict it to two individuals? It would be interesting to know where else this theory exists outside of Ms Singh's head.

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