The Karnataka assembly is in session to decide if the CM has the required support to continue in office. It is live on TV. I think one can safely say that such passion is rarely seen in our politicians. The quest for power brings out the best in our leaders. But of course they are doing it for the sake of people - as they never stop claiming.

It is entertaining TV though. Naked hunger for power, passion, intrigue, suspense, comedy - mostly comedy for the watcher, pathos - mostly of the speaker, and a star-studded cast. One can only find fault with one aspect - the lack of love-interest.

When will someone serialise these things and create the next hit reality show?

Update: Kumaraswamy has been made the JDLP president by the Speaker after much debate. Long live the new government.

Update 2: Deve Gowda steps down as the national president of the JD(S). He is 'aghast' and 'pained' by the developments and attributes it all to 'karma'.

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