Holy Cows

India looking down the barrel at two down for some paltry total on the fourth day of the last test match. The two includes Dravid and Sehwag. And the lunch-time session of Straight Drive hosted by Sanjay Manjrekar:
Manjrekar: What do you think Geoffrey - did Dravid do the right thing by opening? Or should someone else have opened?
Boycott: C'mon Sanjay he's got two centuries opening - of course he should've opened.
Manjrekar: He's been in the field for so long, I'm sure he'd be tired
Boycott: C'mon Sanjay don't make excuses. He's a professional cricketer, he should be prepared for it. No one expected Gavaskar not to open.
Manjrekar: But you didn't have such big innings in those days did you Geoffrey.
Manjrekar: Waqar do you think someone else, say Pathan, should have opened?
Waqar Younis: No I think I agree with Geoffrey..
Manjrekar : I know Geoffrey wants to interrupt
Boycott (laughing) : Pathan has bowled 25 overs and you want him to come in rather than Dravid! Look, the opener's job is a tough one. That is why everyone wants to slide down the batting order in Test cricket. Everyone wants to bat in the middle order because it is easier there. Tendulkar has never wanted to open in Tests.
Manjrekar: I know Geoffrey but that's a point of view. That is a point of view and I have to get it across.
Why does Sanjay Manjrekar have to get the point across? A point so weak that it can be brushed off so lightly by his fellow commentator? But then, it is almost an open secret that there are many tiny wheels within wheels and many unknown forces at play when it comes to Indian media covering Indian cricket and its shooting stars. So it shouldn't really surprise anyone. And I'm not even talking of the thick layers of hype.

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