Some More Of The Same

Dravid's statement, from The Telegraph:
"In my opinion and the opinion of the umpires and Match Referee, both of whom I have spoken to, the Indian team did not act in any manner that was unsportsmanlike or against the spirit of the game. If that had been the case, the umpires and Match Referee would have taken action.

“We have the option of taking up the issue with the relevant authorities, but keeping in mind the relevance, the importance and the context of the series, we have decided to let the issue pass and set it to rest.”

What will the umpires and Match Referee's be talking about with the players next? If that cover-drive was really nice or just so-so? If Faisal Iqbal looked dumb or just sorry in the replay of that dropped catch in the third test? About the field placements? I think not, for some reason. Just as I feel they would have hazarded an opinion on the sportsmanlike-ness of that appeal. No, they might have confirm or reject the legality of that appeal and decision, but not whether it was sportsmanlike or not. Even if they did, their opinion would count for nothing at all. As The Telegraph itself points out, Dravid would have done well to call the batsman back - unless things happened too fast for him to comprehend it all. But the walk back to the pavilion takes a long time.

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