New Year Top Ten List

The year is still young. So here is my top ten list, of things I wish I never have to read or hear again. And then it will be too soon.

1. Someone or something representing the face of New India
2. Brave New India
3. Resurgent India
4. India Poised
5. India Rising / Shining / Flying / Emerging / Soaring / Sitting / Nodding off
6. India set to take/reclaim its rightful place "on the international stage"/"in the comity of nations"
7. GenX - specifically with reference to India's younger generation - and it's great new attitude
8. Taking-off - as in "Indian economy is on the verge of taking -off"
9. Has arrived - as in "India has arrived on the financial scene"
10. Superpower/giant - as in "India is an emerging superpower / giant"

Media people, stop it. My ears ache.

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