IPL Quote Of The Season?

I've steadfastly kept away from either watching or reading about IPL since its inception. Except for the last few days as the skeletons have kept tumbling out of the closets. Even then all I've watched or read has been on the News Channels on TV and in the News sections of newspapers. So I think this definitely is the quote of the season as far as IPL is concerned.

The Minister for Corporate Affairs, Mr Salman Khurshid, played the IPL controversy with a straight bat. He also ducked with aplomb all bouncers on possible corporate governance failures among the franchises. That he was a classicist in cricket came out in the open when he said last week at an industry event that IPL isn't cricket although it looks little bit like it. “It (IPL) looks like cricket, but it isn't”.
"IPL isn't cricket although it looks a bit like it". Bravo sir.

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