Land Grab In Tribal Areas

Plain and simple. And the tribals are supposed to grin and bear it? From Business Line:
..according to a knowledgeable scholar, Dr Walter Fernandes,between 1947 and 2004, nearly six crore persons were forcibly displaced due to acquisition of land for development purposes, and of them 40 per cent constituted Scheduled Tribes.

Out of a total population of generic tribals of eight crore, 2.4 crore people were involuntarily thrown out of their land, home and occupation. This figure constitutes 30 per cent of the total tribal population.

Official figures admit that only 28 per cent of the displaced tribal population has been rehabilitated. Assuming that even this low figure is not an exaggeration, what happened to the remaining 72 per cent of the displaced tribals numbering 1.44 crore?

When the Ministers and MPs in illegal occupation of vast official mansions in Delhi, owing crores of rupees to ‘‘We, the People'' in rent, electricity and water charges, and having their own extra homes elsewhere, are sought to be evicted, do not they raise Cain and cling to their illegal possessions, defying Parliament and the people? Do not the fat cats of the corporate domain let out a howl whenever the exemptions they have grown accustomed to are touched? You want the poor, the deprived and the downtrodden, subsisting without food or water, to feel ecstatic when you trample them under foot?

The law-and-order maestros are horrified at the violence and savagery from the side of Maoists and want to exterminate them at all costs and by all means. True, violence is abominable and deserves to be condemned.

But, then, people are forced to take to violence because only then the powerful governing class deigns to invite them for talks! People have come to know by experience that the government functionaries are stone deaf and the only way to jolt them is by exploding a bomb or setting fire to public property, for, only then, everyone from the Prime Minister down rushes out to listen to them.

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