India Unable To Investigate Crash On Its Own

I found this on Deccan Herald:
A team of top US transportation experts along with officials from Boeing is set to join Indian aviation authorities in probing the Air India Express flight crash in Mangalore that killed 158 people.According to sources, the team,which will assist Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in investigation into Saturday's plane crash, is scheduled to reach Mangalore on Tuesday morning.
They're coming as the result of a request from India.

Right. Incredible India. The next world Superpower. Ready to take over the world soon. And we don't know how to determine what happened when a plane crashes? Mind you, this wasn't a crash in mid-flight over sea or some remote mountain range. This is right next to the landing strip. The CVR and FDR have been found. And we're inviting the company that manufactured the damn plane to help us find out what happened? What are the chances that the report will find that the plane was just fine?

Relatedly, this is probably what Condaleeza Rice meant when she said the USA would help India become a major world power. Yup. Step by baby step.

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