IPL: Fixing Was A Regular Occurrence

Michael Atherton has it off-record from a 'former international player':
... one leading former international player told me categorically, albeit off the record because of his fear of reprisals, that fixing was a regular occurrence.
Article here. Difficult to know how much credence to give an anonymous source, but keeping in mind that the IT department supposedly had a list of 27 players who were gaming the system, it does seem that it is happening.

He also writes:
I have always been deeply ambivalent about the IPL: the gross commercialisation, the greed, the pandering to celebrities and the salesmanship of some older players who should know better have done little to enrich the game.
Modi’s marketing genius — and it was just that — will be missed, further straining revenues. It will begin to feel more like a cricket tournament than a giant commercial advert with cricket attached.
Funny he calls IPL a giant commercial advert with cricket attached. I'd said something similar in a mail to the Hasiru Usiru mailing list:
I believe cricket as it is in our country currently, is nothing but a hanger on which ads for lousy products like the fizzy drinks can be hung. It is also a money-making enterprise for its practitioners and administrators. The money is not always made playing the game as it should be played. I could care less about IPL's fate.
Oh well, the advert will go on, no doubt about it.

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