Private Schools: Pigheaded On RTE

These schools have got it all wrong:
Taking a strong stand against the RTE provision reserving 25 per cent of admissions for children from the neighbourhood, the schools now try to garner support from parents saying admitting such children could dilute the discipline and finesse with which privileged kids are being groomed.

In a circular to parents, the schools said: “Once this Act is enforced, a child could beat up your child, smoke on the campus, misbehave with a girl or a teacher and the school will have to watch helplessly.”
Crap.  I remember a neighbourhood doctor pointing out a teenager sitting outside in the waiting area.  The girl was from one of the 'elite' schools.  Apparently she was sitting there to get away from her peers waiting outside who wanted her to come to a party where there would be drugs.  The girl had confided in the family doctor and the pressure on her was evident in her face.  And we all know the various MMS scams that happened not too long ago - all from 'elite' schools.  And all kids have the tendency to hit out, not just 'neighbourhood' kids.

The schools are overreacting.  Maybe they are worried about losing the premium they charge parents.  They should know that a exposure to a wider set of kids will only help their students.  Variety is, after all, the spice of life.

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