Weak PM? Maybe It's Those Blinkers You're Wearing

B S Raghavan addresses the 'weak PM' issue:

He has been called the weakest PM, the one who is presiding over the most corrupt government, the mouni baba and what have you. We even find that nowadays at the start of meetings and seminars all over India, the comperes have taken to asking the members of the audience to put their mobiles on the MMS mode!
And yet, Dr Singh has lasted eight years in his post, and looks very much like completing his full term. Some of the storms he has weathered have been more unnerving than those his predecessors had gone through. There has been not one whiff of a disparaging remark or sentiment from his Ministerial colleagues, the entire Congress Party and its allies even in their unguarded moments. They are all pulling together, and willingly and loyally.
...No, Dr Singh must have been doing many things right to have lasted this long. I have not a scintilla of doubt that, no matter who chose him, he has been his own person. Behind the scenes, his sense of direction and judgment must have been found to be so compelling as to make others fall in line. He seems to me to be the quintessential strong and silent man, who without any fuss and flamboyance, leaves no one in any doubt as to what he wants done and how.

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