Why Is The West So Hypocritical?

Actually, the question asked is:  
Why is the West silent about Algeria?
Johan Galtung, Feb 13,2012, IPS:
Since the military seized power, a quarter million people have been killed in Algeria.
The killing of nonviolent demonstrators and civilian bystanders is escalating in Syria. Assad should resign immediately, a coalition government should be formed, and hundreds of mediators should hold dialogues with the many parties, to try and form a federation.
But the situation in Algeria is even worse. Since the military seized power and cancelled the second round of elections in January 1992 — with Western consent — when the Islamic Salvation Front was headed for a victory, a quarter million people have been killed.
Why is there no Algerian Spring?  Maybe because the repression is too atrocious. Why have there been no protest from the West? 
The answer is not pretty.  From the same article:
Maybe because the Algerian government did what the West wanted: granted access to oil and gas, to bases, and a made a promise of possible recognition of Israel. Syria did none of this.
Thus, the real question is:  Why Is The West So Hypocritical?  Especially the US which never stops going on about supporting democracy and opposing repression against the citizenry when it suits it.

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