Clash Of Civilisations

I have no idea what to make of this:
India is among the countries where a significant number of people believe that a "violent conflict'' between Islam and the West is "inevitable'' as claimed by the American academic Samuel Huntington in his controversial theory of "clash of civilisations'', according to a BBC worldwide poll on the relationship between Muslims and Western culture.

... there is much greater optimism in the West despite the wave of Islamophobia that swept America and large parts of Europe after the 9/11 attacks, and the Madrid and London bombings.

In Britain, an impressive 77 per cent believe that Islam and the West can find a "common ground'' followed by 69 per cent in France, 64 per cent in America and 49 per cent in Germany. Italians are the most optimistic with 78 per cent saying "no'' to the Huntington theory.

What do we know that the West doesn't?

BBC has more details.

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