Commuting In Bangalore

The government creates an Electronics City way outside the city. Software firms head out to it. People swarm to software firms. Traffic abounds on the muddy road leading to Electronics City. We (L&T more correctly) build a nice four-lane highway, with open gutters on either side and service roads too. Things improve for sometime. But eventually the gutters fill with garbage, traffic expands to fill the available road, and the service roads are foobar'd. Then we dig up the nice road laid by L&T right in the middle. We lay prefabricated structures for drainage in the aforementioned gutters and cover it all up with concrete slabs. We are going to build a nice little elevated road. But transportation professionals - you know, the ones who are actually qualified - have a maxim : "You can't build your way out of congestion". That isn't going to stop us from trying.

But really, we can't.

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