I read this:
...finally, India has a newspaper that explicitly supports the values of freedom, in all its forms, that I hold so dear.
I head out to the link kindly given. I realize that some people have a very different conception of freedom than mine.

Mint quote [reg'n required]:
... India continues to have one of the most fettered economic systems in the world. We still live in a country that is technically socialist and where the right to property is not a fundamental right. The state can brazenly take over private land for what it believes to be the public good.
Poor Wall Street Journal (one of the "partners" of the mint-flavoured newspaper). It must have given up on the US, where till this day, the state can brazenly take over private land.

The same Mint columnist also writes:
Caste and gender atrocities leap into prominence every once in a while. Religious pogroms, too. No country can claim to be free when people can be killed because of the accident of birth. We will support the individual against the insanities of tribalism in its various forms.
Color me cynical for not believing that. There will be occasional noises - if at all - but that's all there will be. Polite noises. And 'insanities of tribalism'?!

This is what the it is really all about:
We believe that prosperity is achieved by giving the market a free run.
What else, with the WSJ powering it.

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