More Mint-flavoured Freedom

Sure enough, here is what you can expect [reg'n required], straight from the horse's mouth:
...we will aim to fill three needs:

• The need for authoritative, credible and timely news and analysis affecting business and finance, primarily in India, one of the fastest-growing economies in the world today, as well as around the world.

• The need to save you time, through careful selection of essentials, to spare you from wading through torrents of unevaluated words each day.

• And, critically, the need for trustworthiness. We believe that the only information that is useful is information that is accurate and unbiased.

We will not dilute our usefulness by attempting to be all things to all people, or be a general newspaper. Nor will our focus be narrowly stock markets oriented: While the numbers are growing, less than 3% of all Indians own shares.

We will concentrate our reporting efforts on the broad world of Indian business and, through select WSJ content, relevant international business and trends; on political and social forces at the intersection of Indian business and politics.

Through such understanding, we hope to help our readers find new business and investment opportunities, avoid costly mistakes and make wiser, informed decisions.
The missing stress on freedom and tribalism etc immediately strikes one. As for 'information that is accurate and unbiased", Fox News' tagline (or whatever it is called) is : "We report. You decide".

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