100% Safe Nuclear Reactors

If the Koodankulam plant is completely safe as Dr. Kalam puts it, it would be useful to see Dr. Kalam convincing the insurance companies to provide blanket cover to nuclear power plants, and convincing the nuclear equipment suppliers to abandon their insistence on a nuclear liability protocol that exempts them from compensating in the event of a disaster, even if it is caused by a willful fault on their part.
He should do that or else shut up.

Update:  The UPA govt tries to tweak thinks a bit: Why the Nuclear Liability Rules need to be modified – Analysis – DNA.

Update2:  In the West, a new urgency in storage of nuclear waste:
Jennex said that in the US, and to some extent around the world, “our reactors are getting pretty full, in terms of what they can store on site.”
So what happens when they get full? 

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