Indian Cricket - Stuck In The Same Grove Since Ages

Is the first thing that comes to mind reading this in today's The Hindu: Are many of the current lot just ‘flat-track bullies'? 
Several young Indian batsmen too have been found wanting outside the sub-continent.
Suresh Raina and Virat Kohli have struggled against the bouncing ball. These batsmen have been found wanting in footwork and have consequently been opened up.
The lack of solid back-foot play and the inherent inadequacies while coping with lifting deliveries have impacted the other attributes of their batsmanship as well. The short-pitched-full-length mix, with swing, has sent these batsmen packing.
“And the modern batsman is so well protected,” fumes spin bowling legend and former India captain Bishan Singh Bedi.
Wasn't this complaint brought out of the closet and aired regularly since I don't know when?  How many times have we heard this: "Indian batsmen don't get to play on fast wickets in the subcontinent and hence become pace bowlers' bunnies when they go abroad".  And to think it still goes on.  And it seems to have only got worse and spread to other teams too!  But not a problem, we'll dumb it down by introducing inane versions like Twenty20.

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