Raj Thackeray To MES: Quit Cribbing

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief Raj Thackeray gave a jolt to the Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti (MES) members from Belgaum who called on him, by advising them that instead of agitating for a secession from Karnataka, they should lead a “respectful” life in Karnataka, adding “After all, I don’t see any problem with Belgaum being a part of Karnataka.”
Talking to the press here on Monday after meeting a delegation of MES leaders, the MNS chief without did not mince words. 
“I asked them (MES leaders) very clearly what exactly is the problem of Marathi-speaking people there? Are you being hounded because you are Marathi-speaking or is it because you are raising the question of inclusion of Belgaum into Maharashtra? They did not have any answer to this. So I suggested to them not to make an emotional issue.”
 He delivered a shock to me too.  A politician who didn't want to stoke/exploit an emotive issue?  Shocking.  Shocking.  

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