Passing On The Baton To Our Kids

Sorry, it should have been 'biases' instead of 'baton'.  Learning by rote prevalent in top schools too:
In a telling instance, 40-43 per cent of students in classes 4, 6 and 8 felt that education for a girl is not as important as her responsibility towards her family; and in another, nearly 60 per cent of students showed less acceptance towards immigrants from other States, as they felt that “immigrants have to conform to the State's traditions, take away jobs from natives and also are a source of communal disagreements.”
Nice work parents.
Drawing a correlation between the students' lack of critical thinking and their views on social issues, the study says, “Rote learning is often deceptive and passes off as apparent learning, but does not let students develop higher order thinking skills such as critical thinking, creativity and application. Students who do not develop these skills also will not be able to think rationally and discriminate between what is good or bad in various social and ecological issues being faced today.”
One thing though.  Kids of 9-10 (class 4) are generally more interested in playing than studies.  Many wouldn't stop twice before saying '3 units + 2 tens + 4 hundreds' = 324.  They might not even pause to figure out that the place values are in the reverse order.  

The PDF is here: link.

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